In today’s highly regulated financial environment, where the major prime brokerage providers
limit their customer base to the very largest of funds, it is becoming increasingly difficult for
new small to medium-sized buy-side firms to get off the ground and grow their business.

Linear is a boutique prime broker and hedge fund incubator, based in London
and Hamburg. We see the new emerging and start-up businesses differently to the more
mainstream prime brokers.

Global Trading and Full-Service Prime Broker

By taking advantage of Linear’s consolidated flows and negotiating power, start-up funds and smaller established funds are able to operate competitively by paying less for trading. Linear’s clients benefit from the service-oriented aggregator’s comprehensive trading and execution infrastructure, including access to global markets, safe in the knowledge that everything is fully hedged to a global prime broker.

Linear’s prime brokerage and global execution services are tailored to the needs of every client. Services include capital introduction and access to seed funding, electronic execution services including a full suite of algorithms, direct market access (DMA), margin financing, portfolio swap, stock loan, custody and settlement, full middle office support and an outsourced trading desk.

The benefits are clear. Linear offers the complete suite of front-to-back office services, from execution through to prime brokerage, custody and settlement, to a global client-base of hedge funds, wealth managers, family offices and professional clients. This unique suite provides the licence structure, regulatory capital, personalised services and professional expertise needed by any start-up or emerging Hedge Fund.



Over the last five years we have been putting a new type of infrastructure in place – an ecosystem providing the environment for emerging funds to grow.

Supporting New and Emerging STartups, Linear’s NEST is an integrated platform solution that brings together all the skills and expertise hedge funds need in one place, significantly reducing regulatory and operational costs – pushing you to market faster and more efficiently.

Gain access to the advantages enjoyed by your larger competitors, who can engage directly with the world’s tier-one Investment Banks.

Linear can help emerging managers and start-up funds with their operational and cost burdens by offering a regulatory umbrella – with regulatory capital, operational, legal and compliance matters already in place.

We actively support and encourage you to kick-start your business and concentrate on what you are best at – now from the comfort of your own base on the Linear trading floor.



Services within Linear’s NEST

Flexible access to our full suite of services – what you need – when you need it.
(including our new fully serviced office space).

Hedge Fund Hotel
Your own highly specified trade desk situated within Linear’s fully serviced, specialist trading office.

Prime Brokerage & Custody
A full hedge fund platform can be provided to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Outsourced Trading
Our trading team will work to understand your key objectives and improve your execution.

Capital Introduction
We offer a cap-intro service introducing investors to suitable, risk-appropriate investment.

Regulatory Umbrella
While you operate under the Linear regulatory umbrella we show a track record.

DMA & Trading Desk Execution
We provide access and support to most global equity markets and all key financial instruments.

Middle & Back Office
We can deliver support on a range of services, from custodian options to portfolio.


Hedge Fund Hotel

Your own highly specified trade desk – situated
within Linear’s fully serviced, specialist trading office.


Linear are being recognised

Linear are winning recognition for all the hard work we’ve
put in to create our new platform and making it easier for
small hedge funds to play at the highest level.

  • 2018 Hedge Fund Journal Awards

    Winners of Best Boutique Prime Broker
  • 2017 Alt Credit Intelligence European Services Awards

    Winners of ‘Best Prime Broker – Credit Strategies’
  • HFMWeek Hedge Fund Service Awards 2017

    Best Independent Cap Intro Provider
  • 2016 Alt Credit Intelligence European Services Awards

    Winners of Best Middle-Office Services – Innovation


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