A Q+A exploring Linear’s Core Services

Linear Investments Limited are a fully licensed Prime Broker with a tier one offering. The firm also acts as a global custodian with access to GCC markets. Linear offers multi-asset execution covering Equities; Fixed Income; Funds; Futures & Options alongside ETF’s & Structured products.

In our video studio at Grosvenor Gardens, London, Kate Horne, Director at Linear Media interviews Hugo Peterson, Head of Account Management at Linear Investments about the Core Services Linear Investments supplies. In the exchange, the pair talk about how Linear Investments helps clients in execution and why the firm is a great provider for private banks. Read our question and answer exchange to learn more:

Kate: So, Hugo, thank you for joining us. We are going to talk today about Linear Investments, their products and services. Perhaps you can talk me through what the Linear offering is?

Hugo: Linear effectively acts as an aggregator for several different clients. With that, we have our prime services. We offer global custody, as well as execution.

Kate Horne: So, focusing on execution as an example. What does Linear offer from an execution perspective?

Hugo: From an execution perspective, we differentiate from other firms by the wide range of asset classes that we offer. We are acting as an aggregator. We enable smaller clients say sub half a billion, to access all these different services. And with that, we offer execution and equities, fixed income, future options, FX and mutual funds. In the last year or so, we have seen a huge increase in the flow into the mutual funds.

Kate: So, in terms of clients in the execution space, what are the ideal clients for Linear to be working with.

Hugo: Typically, we work with asset managers, hedge fund, family offices and private banks. There is a wide array of clients we currently face off against.

Kate: You mention private banks there. So why specifically is linear a great provider for private banks?

Hugo: With private banks, they have such a wider range of clients on the back end, they like the fact they can execute on different asset classes. We have several private banks we currently face off on, and we work with them daily. They will trade everything from very blue-chip vanilla equity stocks, to unique mutual funds. The fact we can offer a full range of service there is a benefit to them.

To watch the video, visit https://linearinvestment.com/resources/hugo-peterson-chats-to-kate-horne-about-linear-investments-core-offering/ Alternatively, if you would like to learn more, contact  sales@linearinvestment.com