Appointed Representatives

Gain access to a regulatory licence

Linear Investments retains a regulatory licence, allowing your business to work under our Regulatory Umbrella.

Become an Appointed Representative today

We provide

  • Assistance with task management

  • Collection of key data

  • Promotions

  • Complaints management

  • Auditing

  • CPD requirements

  • Production of management information

  • Help and advice on regulatory requirements

  • Ongoing monitoring

  • Documents and manuals

  • Due diligence

Save time and reduce costs

  • Focus on your sales and building a successful business by taking the time and worry out of working in a regulated environment

Establish a regulated track record

  • While working towards your own regulatory licence, establish yourself as a serious organisation in the market who can manage all your own and your clients’ needs successfully

Access the security of an established trading platform

  • Giving your current and new clients peace of mind is vital to establish yourself in a regulated working environment. Linear Investments is an established and respected organisation in the investment market.

If you hold your own regulatory licence

  • Business in a regulated market is constantly changing. The industry is evolving rapidly; clients are demanding greater transparency and the regulators continue to define how your business should be carried out.

Our Outsourced Compliance can offer you peace of mind with a full set of services to navigate these challenges. Pressure can be immense in an ever-changing regulatory world, so having the reassurance of a regulatory umbrella can relieve the load – and leave you to concentrate on running a successful and streamlined business.