Capital Introduction

We offer a cap-intro service introducing investors
to suitable, risk-appropriate investment.

A Service from Linear Partners

Linear’s extensive client base together with the enormous experience and contacts of our team allows us unparalleled access to a network of corporate and high net worth investors all looking for the right opportunities for investment.

We offer a cap-intro service introducing investors to suitable, risk appropriate investment.

What we offer

Extensive Network

Our network of contacts spans the banking world internationally but we have a particular focus on the London and key European markets as well as the Far East, especially in China and Japan. While we do not normally seek investors from the on shore US market as this can cause complications for our introduction clients – we do have a chaperone agreement in the US which allows us to approach US investors.

Fund raising

Our aim is to raise the investment in conjunction with you. Usually several investors will be required since most will only invest a proportion of the needed funds to manage their risk and comply with their own procedures. We will agree to raise a part in cooperation with you or other fund raisers working with you.

Investors and services

Our investor base includes pension funds, institutions, family offices, fund of funds, endowments, foundations and H&UHNW investors. Our services include one-to-one meetings with selected investors, industry conference participation, content driven round table discussions, investor road shows, online portals and targeted calling.


We have an extensive and highly experienced team. We would be happy to advise you on issues concerning the offering such as price and terms to help raise the required investment on the best possible terms. Our team is used to unusual deals and can be extremely flexible and employs lateral thinking in our approach.

Support with documents

Our team can also provide advice and assistance with the documents required for the fund raising.

Raise your profile and generate business

Direct Marketing and Conferences

Linear provides European and US fund groups with a highly focused environment in which to present your fund, raise your profile and generate business from key European investors.

Regular distribution to investors who match your profile

One to one meetings with investors and road shows

Conference participation

Let Linear help you

  • Present your investment capabilities to Linear’s network of top tier fund selectors.
  • Quickly build brand and diversify your key contacts base
  • Develop and strengthen your sales pipeline Raise your profile
  • Demonstrate commitment to the market

Where we operate

We help our clients raise capital from the following European financial centres:

  • Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Middle East.

Linear’s network

We carefully select wholesale and institutional fund buyers that match your company’s profile. Investors typically fall into the following job function:

  • Head of fund selection
  • Senior fund analyst: traditional and alternative products
  • Head of fund research
  • Fund of fund manager / fund of hedge fund manager
  • Portfolio manager
Representing European Banks, private banks, fund of funds, pension funds, insurance companies and family offices, which are 100% by-side investors.

Conference Overview

  • Half day event format followed by lunch
  • 1* 30 minutes presentations to the whole audience of 100% buy side investors
  • Fund manager participation in panel debate
  • Distribution of literature and gifts permitted
  • 2 passes to the event for your staff (including fund manager)
  • Receive the list of attending investors in advance
  • Full delegate list with contact details provided.


We work on either a success or a flat fee basis depending on your needs. Fee based activity guarantees your fund a certain number of meetings and contacts with appropriate investors. For this we charge a one-off flat fee.

The success structure has a small one off admin fee and no ongoing retainers. However, we will charge you a percentage of your performance and management fees in relation to the funds we raise for you, while they are invested within your fund.