Client service takes priority at Linear Investments

Linear Investments clients face multiple challenges in the current business environment around cost, efficiency, compliance, and regulatory requirements says Paul Kelly, Chairman and CEO of Linear Investments.

Linear’s primary day to day focus is to provide efficiently managed client centric solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for all functions that the business provides. Linear is a clearing, execution and custody provider, working with a global client base.

“There are less execution and custody options in the market now”, says Kelly, who has been with the business for 10 years. Since he joined the management team there have been market resets, and then more recently the global pandemic. “This has meant competitors to Linear have dropped away. We have seen larger Tier One’s either change how they transact business or leave the market altogether. There has been some consolidation in the market and other providers are now reassessing their market activity or targeting larger firms and moving away from the mid market. This reflects well on Linear. We are loyal to our mid market clients and have consistently provided stability to support our clients” says Kelly. “Although the service we provide may not be exciting, it is necessary. Knowledge and an established client support team are key to a stable offering that can be relied on. Mid market firms are looking for longevity in their partnerships; they aren’t in a position to keep changing providers, nor should they have to.”

Kelly finishes “I’m proud of what the team can offer our customers. We, as a team, have invaluable depth and breadth of insights and ideas which can help support clients own business models. That makes us unique in the market and one of my primary focusses is to ensure we remain at the forefront of customer service in the sector.”