Discretionary Management

Your Discretionary Fund Management Partner

Discretionary Management is the specialist service designed to manage investments to meet specific investor needs and match your clients’ appetites for risk and preferred investment styles.

Choosing Linear as your Discretionary Fund Manager means your clients’ portfolios are continuously monitored and efficiently managed using the highest level of expertise. Linear ensures clients’ portfolios are robustly constructed and dynamically adapted to the market and economic conditions leaving your clients free from the cost, time, and experience needed to take advantage of the markets today and tomorrow.

Linear uses expert sub-advisers to underpin our efficient Discretionary Management service. The sub-advisoes are selected for their specialities and research in specific areas of investments in order to design the strongest range portfolios across investment styles.

Investing with Linear – Active Portfolios Brochure

Investing with Linear  – Passive Portfolios Brochure

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