Discretionary Fund Management

Adept, active and nimble: Linear Investments are the perfect investment partner.

Linear’s team of specialists navigate market nuances in order to optimise portfolios and monitor risk. Our investment philosophy is centred around providing a quality investment service that can translate investment objectives into carefully constructed portfolios, specifically designed in conjunction with risk profiles. Linear are experts in the alternatives and absolute return investment space. This means we aim to construct multi-asset portfolios that are less reliant on the direction of equity markets as a generator of return, seeking to deliver investment objectives in an efficient manner.

We dynamically manage our portfolios. We continuously investigate and conduct due diligence on investment opportunities whilst our rigorous Approval Committee and Investment Committee procedures ensure that only the most appropriate investments are selected and actively managed.

Linear create model portfolios constructed of funds run by the strongest investment managers globally. Linear hand picks the investment managers running specialist strategies that complement the overarching objective of building a robust, diversified and risk-weighted portfolio. These managers must consistently demonstrate a thorough understanding of capital market expectations and exhaustive scrutiny of economic, political and financial factors to ensure their place in the portfolio.

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