Active Portfolios


Our investment approach to creating the active portfolios centres around our extensive in-house expertise within the active and absolute return fund sector.

Active funds ultimately seek to add alpha to our portfolios


Our sophisticated approach creates an extensive due diligence process. An on-site manager meeting is paramount to this process coupled with in-depth analysis on factors

Our investment committee determines the strategy allocation framework reflecting economic outlook and expectations whilst accounting for the portfolios’ targets, risk, liquidity considerations and diversifying characteristics.


The results are a range of dynamic active style portfolios built around  adaptive asset allocation and intelligent fund selection which due to an element of exposure to absolute return funds, are less reliant on the directionality of equity markets as a generator of return.

Risk Targeted

Moderately Cautious
Moderately Adventurous

Aiming to maximise expected returns while controlling risk and transaction costs.

Active Asset Allocation

  • Fixed Interest
  • Equities
  • Alternatives

Our adaptive asset allocation process re-balances the portfolios in line with the updated macro-economic forecasts.

Active Funds as Building Blocks

Active funds make investment decisions, employing in-depth research and strategies to navigate markets whilst giving you exposure to a selection of investments from the range of asset classes. Active funds ultimately seek to add alpha to our portfolios.

Sophisticated Research

Deep dive to assess risk adjusted performance, valuations, draw downs, peer groups and benchmarks, firm infrastructure, operations, risk systems, and business continuity.

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