Passive Portfolios


Our investment approach to building the passive portfolios centres around the use of intelligent and evolving technology.

The results are a range of dynamic passive portfolios built around adaptive asset allocation and intelligent fund selection which aims to reduce the overall costs by investing entirely in Exchange Traded Funds.


We then deploy our Systematic, Signal Driven and Targeted Risk approach in order to create a Transparent, Low Cost and Liquid range of Model Portfolios.

A range of passive model portfolios that are smart and complex in their construction yet easy to understand with clearly defined monetary and risk targets. Portfolios that can be communicated succinctly to your clients as part of your broader financial planning service.

Risk Targeted

Moderately Cautious
Moderately Adventurous

Aiming to maximise expected returns while controlling risk and transaction costs.

Active Asset Allocation

  • Fixed Interest
  • Equities
  • Alternatives

Our adaptive asset allocation process re-balances the portfolios in line with the updated macro-economic forecasts.

Portfolio Overview

ETF Building Blocks

All ETFs trade on an intraday basis which along with the liquidity that is enforced by the UCITS rules makes ETFs an excellent building block of any portfolio.

Anatomy of an ETF

Selecting an ETF requires knowledge on Benchmark Index, Fund structure, Implementation, Composition, Tax Status, Risks, Performance and Total Cost of Ownership

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