Hedge Fund Hotel – Serviced Offices in Victoria

Serviced office space or your own highly specified trade desk – a stone’s throw from Victoria Station

Serviced Office & Fully Serviced Trading Desks

With our fully serviced office and specialised trading desks in the heart of London, Linear can offer everything required by any small or mid-sized fund, cementing our position as the Home of the Hedge Fund Community. One fixed monthly fee – No hidden charges
An award-winning regulatory incubator based in Victoria, Linear provides integrated solutions to emerging and established funds, reducing both start-up and operational costs. This allows our clients quicker and more efficient access to the market. Readily available infrastructure in Linear’s highly finished office space provides the necessary compliant environment for funds to grow whilst ensuring up to date technology, IT and data storage is in place without all the associated high overheads.

Why operate from Linear?


The flexible fees and terms at Linear enable you to reduce operational costs while you develop and expand, crucial in today’s world. The negative impact of regulations on operating expenses is exacerbated by dwindling performance and management fees making it harder for fund managers to cover day-to-day running costs. While the cost barrier of entry is rising, cutting fees to attract and even retain capital has become normality in a world with demanding investors.
Linear accelerates the set up time for fund managers. Covering everything from secure 24-hour office access to IT, communication solutions and support, the Hedge Fund Hotel provides all that is expected from a modern serviced office and more:
– Specialised Trading Desks,
– Compliant IT and Data Technology
– Fully hosted VoIP Communication
– Conference and Collaboration Capable
Meeting Rooms and Work Areas

What we offer

Our continued and substantial investments in IT ensure that you remain at the forefront of technology and compliance. Further to reducing your initial and operational costs, a readily available trading desk at Linear also expedites your time to market giving you immediate access to:

  • Latest generation Intel CPU with SSD and four 24” monitors
  • Secure 1Gbps wireless and wired connectivity
  • Compliant 100% resilience data storage
  • Disaster recovery
  • VoIP and email compliance recording
  • 24-hour IT support with RFA
  • Strategic IT and technological partnerships


Our contemporary serviced office space positioned in Victoria provides the ideal address for any fund manager. A minute walk from Victoria Station, benefits are not just limited to extensive travel links but also a range of local restaurants, shops, hotels, theatres, and gyms.