Historical Data

Portara CQG

Portara CQG

Portara enables Linear clients to create continuous back adjusted historical intraday data and historical daily data from inception.  Typically inception is 1987 intraday and 1968 for daily. The winner of HFM Best Data Provider award in European Technology, Portara remains platform neutral, wrapping itself around CQG Datafactory Data, allowing you to create continuous and actual historical intraday data to ASCII-txt-csv in any format, any timestamp timezone combinations, and any roll strategies for backtesting your systems.

Regular Trading Hours Data with CQG Databases

Regular Trading Hours data or data with customised start and end sessions throughout history is very difficult to create. Portara allows you to customise your session times so that you are in full control of your historical RTH data. You can chop away the morning, evening and night sessions and create custom daily data based off the intraday database. The daily and also the intraday compressed bars are now in line and exactly as you need.  You can cross the midnight and create overnight bars only, if you wish to test strategies for edges in there too.  Updates are via CQG and your database is local to your machine so there is no logging on for huge downloads that have the potential to take up considerable bandwidth.  Portara is thus fast and flexible.


Portara has a special arrangement with Linear to give highly discounted terms to futures and Forex traders requiring quality intraday data.  Speak with Linear about these arrangements for a clear breakdown and extra enhancements and features that are exclusive to Linear users.


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