Linear Investments launches Linear International Payments

Paul Kelly, CEO of Linear Investments, introduces Linear International Payments – a deliverable foreign exchange trading platform.

Understanding our clients and their business requirements has always been at the heart of what Linear Investments does. The world, in trading terms, has never been smaller and deliverable foreign exchange has never been more widely used.

With Brexit looming there is massive uncertainty in the markets and whether the government negotiate a hard or soft Brexit both could have massive implications for GBP against other currencies. Our experienced team of traders are currently working with our client base to find a solution that they can be comfortable with given potential market volatility.

Specialist foreign exchange businesses have developed and grown in recent years and offer rates and fees to beat any high street bank. Linear International Payments is a proactive business who wants to work with you to find the right FX solution. Banks can lag behind on their technology offering, making them more reactive and their higher costs means they are less interested in securing your business.

Technology is at the heart of our deliverable FX proposition and we are confident we can deliver a slick and efficient service to all our clients. The system offers complete transparency and keeps the client informed through every step of the process. We have also recently launched our Linear International Payments app to give clients even easier access to our product portfolio. We are continuing to develop our online platform keeping us at the forefront of the technology offering in our market.

Mark Phipps, Partner at Linear International Payments commented: “I’m delighted to join the Linear team and be partnering such a successful and forward thinking business. FX is a vibrant space with lots of opportunities to add value to clients’ needs and a space where Linear can continue to build their successful business. I am looking forward to working with Linear and the team.”


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