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Linear Investments offers an alternative solution to investment companies who have funds that may require a new lease of life.

A major effect of the current surge in popularity of passive investments, particularly ETFs has been to reduce fees and therefore profitability in the investment vehicle industry. This, at a time when more traditional actively managed funds have been hit with the ‘double-whammy’ of not only tighter margins, but also significant administrative costs, has put huge pressure on a shrinking market.

Some funds have inevitably not performed as well as anticipated against sometimes poorly matched benchmarks. In today’s highly regulated environment, where compliance costs and administrative pressures are high, we see a punitive cost drag with these funds. Added to this, the sheer weight of choice available from the huge number of fund launches and new fund platforms, means that gaining market share, or AUM is a huge challenge – particularly as sub-optimal funds are difficult to market for obvious reasons, leading to even good funds becoming stagnant.

Greg Bonwick and Peter Long, as part of the Linear team, have built a fund strategy and acquisition programme to support these funds. Linear is able to acquire funds and re-engineer them to cut costs and encourage growth. Peter and Greg are also keen to work with manager/owners to strategise how best to optimise the fund to kick start growth and improve its competitive prospects. This can be done in a number of ways, and in our experience each fund is quite different, though we generally start with a combined focus on investment performance. Reducing TER by trimming costs and increasing asset flows, and improving distribution, tends also to be a critical step that is often, if not exactly overlooked, sometimes not given sufficient attention.

Linear’s in-house expertise in the hedge fund, ETF and investment market, plus access to a range of investment strategists, allows the team to build and implement a carefully crafted and targeted new fund strategy. Looking to reduce costs by accessing Linear’s in-house regulatory, management and distribution services, the team can streamline a bespoke or full-service approach to benefit the fund. This can be a great benefit to the current owner and manager/s, as it can be expensive to close a fund down, not just financially, but also in terms of reputation and client base lost.

Linear’s service has three priorities at its core: to encourage asset flow, to improve performance and to reduce costs. Our target market is funds between £10m – £50m, and we are happy to talk to fund administrators, managers or directors who find themselves with a sub-optimal or stagnant fund that isn’t currently reflecting their business ethos and so really should either be sold on, or given a new lease of life.

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