Linear Media: Four Reasons to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Kate Horne, Director at Linear Media, reveals the benefits your business can gain through the set-up ofa successful Pay-per-Click advertising campaign.

Firstly, what is Pay-Per-Click advertising? It is often referred to as Google advertising, search engine advertising or paid search. The idea is that your business pays Google to show up at the top of search engine results. These appear as PPC ads, above the organic search results on Google. You pay Google a certain amount each time a customer clicks on your ad. Don’t be daunted by this as you can choose when and where your business will show up and also what your spending limit is each day. AdWords doesn’t just work on how much you are prepared to pay for an ad. It takes in to account the relevance of the ad to the website link attached to it, how well written the ad is and how ‘clean’ the site is you are directing traffic to. The Google algorithm likes businesses who play by the rules and this can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign. There are many ways to master PPC with most budgets in order to ultimately acquire new customers.

The overall aim is to create more traffic for your website and therefore more enquires and sales. Most of us work in a crowded market and this is a great way to encourage visitors to your site and away from your competitors.

PPC works best in conjunction with other digital marketing initiatives. Imagine you are creating a spider’s web and the more you add to it, the wider the reach for your business. You may consider content creation and video as two services that work hand in hand with PPC. Here’s why PPC could boost your business:

  1. There are people searching for your products and services on search engines

93% of online activities start on a search engine and with 2billion people online, this creates a huge volume of customers you could beplacing your business in front of using PPC ads. There are over 40,000 searchesevery second. This is over 3.5 billion searches every day! It’s time for yourbusiness to tap into this opportunity to be seen by customers searching forwhat your company offers. 

2. Get immediate results 

It’s possible to get a PPC campaign up and running quicklywith a bit of optimisation. Other forms of advertising, such as email marketingcampaigns, can take days, weeks or even months to set up and run. Anotherbenefit of PPC is that you aren’t limited to your existing followers orcustomer lists, so you can quickly and effectively target people who are notyet aware of your brand.

3. Be specific

AdWords allows you to be specific in terms of who your ad’sare shown to and when. You might choose to exempt students from your allowablesearches as they are unlikely to have a need for your services and youtherefore don’t want to pay for clicks from that demographic. You can alsochoose the days and times your ad’s are shown as well as the location of theindividual completing the search.

4. It’s measureable and trackable

PPC advertising is run through Google AdWords which is a website where you’ll be able to see high-level performance details such as impressions, clicks and conversions based on your defined business goals. There’s no mystery to your PPC performance as statistics are readily available and show the performance of your campaigns and what kind of traffic and results they are driving for your budget. In other advertising and marketing channels, the stats aren’t as clear if they’re obtainable at all.

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