Managed Portfolio

Our Managed Portfolio Service, takes the pressures of day to day dealing away from the client. The Managed Portfolio Service is designed to offer advice about specific investments, and also to help structure portfolios, to an agreed upon level of risk and asset exposure. As with all Linear’s Investment Products, we apply extensive research to managing your portfolio, incorporating investment strategies typically only employed by Institutional Investors.

Our research team are continually monitoring markets, news and global economics to take advantage of the most appropriate opportunities for your specified account criteria. Your Investment Portfolio remains optimally structured to meet your investment objective, coupled with this we apply our Investment Maxims

At Linear, we believe that successful investing, requires clear planning and justifiable goal setting. Many investment advisors can or will justify taking a position in the market, at Linear we do not focus on generating a trade. We have a clear investment purpose that is justifiable to the goals we aim to achieve against the risk(s) we are willing to take.

Our experience has taught us that consistent out performance is achieved by thorough research and analysis of the micro and macro-economic landscape. This enables you to be invested in the right sectors at the right time and levels and not simply to be “fully invested”.