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A Q+A exploring Linear’s Core Services

Linear Investments Limited are a fully licensed Prime Broker with a tier one offering. The firm also acts as a global custodian with access to GCC markets. Linear offers multi-asset execution covering Equities; Fixed Income; Funds; Futures & Options alongside ETF’s & Structured products. In our video studio at Grosvenor Gardens, London, Kate Horne, Director [...]

Why a blend of digital and human engagement is important when it comes to wealth management.

In the digital era, the finance industry has been subjected to major changes. Technology has disrupted the landscape. Payments are more convenient than ever. Clients have access to greater transparency surrounding products. Services have never been as personalised. Often at the touch of a button, or click, professional investors today have more choice and control [...]

Gender-lens investing experiences rapid growth

This is custom heading element Gender-lens investing has been gaining momentum. Falling under the umbrella of ‘sustainable investing’, it is a segment that seeks to achieve a financial return while championing gender equality through measurable means. It involves investing in businesses that have services that empower women or are gender diverse. This includes having women [...]

The potential of ESG Bonds

This is custom heading element Sustainable investing is becoming the new norm in portfolio management. According to Ernst & Young, the investment category has grown by 107.4% since 2012. Seven years on, Morningstar published research that illustrated that dozens of ESG funds dominated the market in first half of 2019. In addition to this, JP [...]

The golden opportunity

This is custom heading element Historically speaking, the price of gold increases amidst geopolitical tensions. With the UK’s new prime minister, the looming of a Halloween departure from the European Union and US currency wars, there is no shortage of international pressures. In June, China added gold to its foreign reserves. The news comes from [...]

Why hedge funds must respond to climate change.

This is custom heading element At the start of the month, the UK government declared it will impose a mandatory obligation for pension funds and listed companies to publish climate-related risks by 2022.  Central banks are following the movement as well, with Bloomberg reporting that ‘almost $31 billion has flowed into investment funds strategies that emphasise [...]

Asia Pacific accounts for 25% of PE global market

Asia Pacific now accounts for 25% of the global private equity market, with $833 billion now under management in the region. The market share has grown considerably since 2007, whereby the region occupied just 5% of the global PE share. By consequence, Asia Pacific is drawing attention from companies across the globe, looking to invest [...]

Linear Media: Four Reasons to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Kate Horne, Director at Linear Media, reveals the benefits your business can gain through the set-up ofa successful Pay-per-Click advertising campaign. Firstly, what is Pay-Per-Click advertising? It is often referred to as Google advertising, search engine advertising or paid search. The idea is that your business pays Google to show up at the top of […]

Linear Media: Does your business REALLY need a website?

I think it’s fair to say that pretty much all businesses have a website these days. However, a lot of people aren’t quite sure why their company needs one and what they should use it for. It seems to have become part of the process of setting up a business but only a few are truly capitalising on this effective and some would argue the most effective, means of advertisement.

Outsourcing: it’s time to act

Jerry Lees, chairman of Linear Investments, explains why outsourcing is the solution for your business. While Mifid II was designed to offer greater protection and transparency for investors, it has created significant additional cost and operational burdens across an industry already struggling in tough economic conditions. Outsourcing operations and trading functions is already commonplace in […]

Linear Investments Expands FX Product Offering by Deploying Integral BankFX

Linear Investments can now provide its client base with the same level of service and functionality for FX that it already offers for equities, derivatives, and fixed income. London, England (November 7, 2018) –  Paul Kelly, CEO of Linear Investments, a Prime Broker based in London’s West End, has today announced an agreement with Integral […]

Linear Investments launches Linear International Payments

Paul Kelly, CEO of Linear Investments, introduces Linear International Payments – a deliverable foreign exchange trading platform. Understanding our clients and their business requirements has always been at the heart of what Linear Investments does. The world, in trading terms, has never been smaller and deliverable foreign exchange has never been more widely used. With […]

Linear Investments Response to FCA Decision Notice

Linear investments Limited entered into a Focused Resolution Agreement (FRA) with the FCA.  This was subject to a public notification on the 27/09/2018. The FRA concerned an agreement between Linear Investment Limited and the FCA regarding a failure to operate an adequate system of market surveillance during the material period.  Whilst the facts were not [...]

Linear Media: 5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses

Kate Horne, Director of Linear Media, discusses the benefits of optimising your business to appear on search engine results pages. SEO focuses on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results such as Google. It involves both technical and creative elements to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines.   1. A […]

Linear Media: 3 Reasons why Content Creation is Key for your Business

Georgia Shiels, Marketing Executive at Linear Media, explains why creating content consistently is important and how it benefits your business. Content is one of the biggest components to modern marketing. Any good marketing strategy relies on effective content and the tools used around content to enhance your online presence. Stay ahead of your competition and […]

Linear Media: Why A Strong Online Presence Will Boost Your Business

Your business’ online platforms can be a powerful marketing tool and a vital part of your marketing strategy. In this article, we explain why businesses all use social media and why you should be too – whether that be on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or a website. Build Brand Awareness In simple terms, building brand […]

The prime brokerage revolution

“The changing nature of the prime broker-hedge fund relationship is going to have a significant impact on the boutique prime brokerage market.”

The Impact of Basel III and AIFMD on Emerging Funds

“How does a start-up find a suitable PB who understands their needs and will nurture the fund in it’s early days?”

Investment – How companies can find backing and investment for their Fin Tech start-ups and what investors are looking for in a pitch

“Investors however still require, as you would expect, business cases to be presented in well-structured business plans.”

Nature abhors a vacuum or ‘horror vacui”

“This vacuum in the market creates a problem for many and an opportunity for those ready to fill the void.”

How to start a hedge fund in Europe

“Many of the key components of running a start-up fund can and should be more effectively outsourced to allow focus on the core investment decisions.”

Get a Linear Perspective

“Because the company doesn’t have big-bank overheads, it is able to deal with smaller clients generating combined revenue in the hundreds of thousands rather than millions, as required by banks.”

Challenges and Opportunities for Capital hungry hedge funds

“The days when a hedge fund could launch with $5 million in capital and minimal infrastructure are long gone.”

Capital Hungry Hedge Funds

“The challenges facing emerging hedge fund managers are well-documented. The sheer volume of regulation following the financial crisis has had a significant impact on the hedge fund operating model.”

AIFMD and why firms should look to Malta

“Domiciling in Malta offers an array of benefits. It is one of the more cost-efficient onshore jurisdictions to establish in, something which undoubtedly appeals to small managers.”

Outsourced trading desks: A new frontier for fund managers

“An outsourced trading desk does not just bring about cost benefits, but improves the quality of execution which is absolutely critical.”

Hedge fund managed accounts set to grow as market volatility returns

A piece published on, focusing on the expected growth of hedge fund managed accounts.

Linear Outsourced Trading welcomes former BlackRock global head of trading

Paul Walker-Duncalf features in The Telegraph on his move to Linear Outsourced Trading from BlackRock

Linear Investments Boost Outsourced Trading Offering through Senior Hire

Paul Walker-Duncalf, previously Global Head of Equity Trading at BlackRock, joins Linear Outsourced Trading as joint Managing Partner

Buy-side traders beware: outsourcing set for revival

Linear Outsourced Trading  Linear Outsourced Trading’s Paul Walker-Duncalf featured in Tim Cave’s Financial News article (May, 2016). The full article can be found on Financial News  “Paul Walker-Duncalf left as BlackRock’s global head of equity trading in May 2015 to move to an outsourced trading operation. He joined a team at prime broker Linear Investments […]

Macro Roundup – June

Colin Lloyd provides his Macro Roundup

Hedge Fund Performance – May, 2016

Colin Lloyd reviews fund performance in May.

Macro Roundup – July I, ‘The Brexit Ground Up’

Colin Lloyd reviews the effect of Brexit.

Best Execution – Empowering the buyside: Linear Outsourced Trading

Paul Walker-Duncalf and Richard Lilley, Joint Managing Partners of Linear Outsourced Trading, explain the merits of a fully outsourced solution.  Posted by: Best Execution– July 11, 2016   Is the empowerment of the buyside a new development? From a trading perspective, the buyside has been empowered for some time. Most medium to large managers have […]

Linear Investments selects RSRCHXchange to access institutional research and ensure MiFID II compliant research procurement

London, 14 July, 2016:  Linear Investments, a specialist prime broker and an award winning hedge fund incubator, has selected RSRCHXchange, the online marketplace for institutional research, to enable their hedge fund clientele to access and track research consumption in a MiFID II compliant way.   Linear Investments provides tailored prime brokerage services to start-up, small […]

Macro Roundup – July II

Colin Lloyd reviews hedge fund performance.

Macro Roundup – August I

Macro Roundup: Markets and Stress Tests Colin Lloyd – featured on Linear Talk Colin Lloyd is the author of macroeconomic investment letter service ‘In the Long Run‘. Serving as Linear Talk’s co-presenter along with Linear’s Chairman, Jerry Lees, Colin regularly reviews the markets, hedge fund performance, and prevalent macro events in his macro roundup.  Markets […]

Hedge Fund Performance – July 2016

Colin Lloyd – featured on Linear Talk Colin Lloyd is the author of macroeconomic investment letter service ‘In the Long Run‘. Serving as Linear Talk’s co-presenter along with Linear’s Chairman, Jerry Lees, Colin regularly reviews the markets, hedge fund performance, and prevalent macro events in his macro roundup.  Hedge Fund Performance, Trades and Industry Trends […]

How to start a hedge fund in 2016

Jerry Lees, Chairman of Linear Investments, writes in the latest special report from HFMWeek: How to start a hedge fund in the EU in 2016.  “A PIVOTAL PART OF YOUR SUCCESS WILL BE FINDING IN-HOUSE SEEDER FUND CAPACITY COMBINED WITH A CAP INTRO TEAM SPECIFICALLY FOCUSED ON EMERGING FUNDS AND WORKING ON A RESULTS BASIS” […]

Macro Roundup – August, 2016

Colin Lloyd – featured on Linear Talk Colin Lloyd is the author of macroeconomic investment letter service ‘In the Long Run‘. Serving as Linear Talk’s co-presenter along with Linear’s Chairman, Jerry Lees, Colin regularly reviews the markets, hedge fund performance, and prevalent macro events in his macro roundup.  Financial Markets August is generally a quiet […]

Hedge Fund Performance – September 2016

Hedge Fund Performance, Trades and Industry Trends – September 2016 Author – Colin Lloyd   Performance and Trades September saw a bifurcation between the performance of hedge funds and managed futures with the former rising while the latter mostly declined. Hedge Funds Barclay Hedge Fund Indices Sept No. of Funds YTD Barclay Hedge Fund Index […]

Hedge Fund Roundup – October 2016 – Challenges for Managed Futures

By – Colin Lloyd October was a mixed month for hedge funds and challenging once again for managed futures. The table below, from BarclayHedge, ranks the sub-indices by monthly performance:-  Index October No of funds YTD Barclay Hedge Fund Index -0.29% 1903 4.07% Distressed Securities Index 2.50% 28 11.11% Emerging Markets Index 0.96% 267 11.94% […]

Macro Roundup – December I

Colin Lloyd provides his commentary on recent macro events.

Macro Roundup – January I

By Colin Lloyd December marked the end of an extraordinary year for financial markets. Despite weakness during the latter half of 2016 for the major bond markets, JGBs, helped by the Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) “Yield Curve Control” policy, were among the best performers in absolute terms. The weakening of the GBP as a result […]

Hedge Fund Winners & Losers in 2016

Hedge Fund Performance; A year in review – 2016  By Colin Lloyd  As we end 2016 I want to take the opportunity to look back over the past 12 months, but first I quick up-date on December’s performance:-   December No. of Funds YTD Barclay Hedge Fund Index 1.22% 2104 6.20% Global Macro Index 1.99% […]

Outsourcing Trading: a solution in a challenging environment

Being an asset manager in today’s market can be a bruising experience. Margins are shrinking, fees are under pressure, while operating costs have grown out of proportion. This is happening in tandem with unpredictable markets, making alpha creation for clients exceptionally difficult. Cost saving opportunities have to be identified wherever possible in a way that […]

Hedge Fund Performance, Trades and Industry Trends – February I

By Colin Lloyd As 2017 gets underway the performance patterns of last year remain evident, as this table from Barclay Hedge reveals:-  Barclay Hedge Fund Indices January No of Funds Barclay Hedge Fund Index 1.43% 2335 Emerging Markets Index 3.02% 325 Technology Index 2.79% 37 Healthcare & Biotechnology Index 2.33% 42 Event Driven Index 1.83% […]

Macro Roundup – March I

By Colin Lloyd  The Trump correction of January appears to have run its course. This is evident in the rebound of the US$ Index. US stocks remain ascendant, reaching all-time highs at month end. US bond markets, meanwhile, remain range-bound, reluctant to give up the yield increases seen since the November election. In Germany, Bund […]

Hedge Fund Performance, Trades and Industry Trends – February 2017

By Colin Lloyd  February was another positive month for hedge fund performance and saw Managed Futures reverse the majority of losses seen during January.   Hedge Funds The Barclayhedge Hedge Fund Index gained 1.03% in February, 2.42% YTD. The Technology and Healthcare & Biotech Indices were almost neck and neck in first place +2.59% and […]

Hedge Fund Performance and Industry Trends – March 2017

By Colin Lloyd  March was another positive month for hedge fund performance. Managed futures strategies, by contrast struggled once again. Hedge Funds Barclay Hedge Fund Indices March No. of funds YTD Barclay Hedge Fund Index 0.46% 1857 2.91% Technology Index 2.47% 27 7.10% Healthcare & Biotechnology Index 1.97% 33 8.17% European Equities Index 0.92% 57 […]


Linear Investments are delighted with our success at the HFM European Service Awards 2018 where we beat strong competition by taking home the Best Outsourced Trading Solution award. This award pays tribute to the whole team at Linear who work constantly to offer the very best solution to all of our clients. Jerry Lees, Chairman […]


Hot on the heels of MiFID II, Asset Managers are now facing the next wave of regulation; GDPR. GDPR is a European directive with worldwide reach. No matter where in the world you are transacting business, GDPR will affect you should you be coming in to contact with personal data from any European client. It’s […]


Linear Investments Chairman, Jerry Lees, investigates the advances in technology designed to ease the research burden for UK corporates, fund managers and investors under MIFID II. In September 2017, the FCA made it clear that corporate access was not research and could therefore not be paid for out of investors assets. It would be considered […]


The inception of MiFID II substantially expands the regulatory reporting requirements placed upon investment firms. Additionally, under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) all counterparties are required to report details of derivative contracts they have concluded. These regulations take the basis set out in MiFID I and expand them with the idea to increase investor […]

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