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Linear Investments Response to FCA Decision Notice

Following the recent FCA Decision Notice, Linear Investments have issued the following statement: “Linear Investments has been authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority…

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Linear Media: 5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses

Kate Horne, Director of Linear Media, discusses the benefits of optimising your business to appear on search engine results pages. SEO focuses on growing visibility…

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Linear Media: 3 Reasons why Content Creation is Key for your Business

Georgia Shiels, Marketing Executive at Linear Media, explains why creating content consistently is important and how it benefits your business. Content is one of the…

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Linear Media: Why A Strong Online Presence Will Boost Your Business

Your business’ online platforms can be a powerful marketing tool and a vital part of your marketing strategy. In this article, we explain why businesses…

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The prime brokerage revolution

The implications of Basel III on small to mid-sized hedge fund managers must in no way be underestimated. The rules may be directed at bulge…

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The Impact of Basel III and AIFMD on Emerging Funds

Liquidity, Capital and Investment are squeezed whilst costs and procedures expand exponentially. Jerry Lees - Hedge Forum Is there a way around the dilemma faced…

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