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Nature abhors a vacuum or ‘horror vacui”

By Jerry Lees - Published in HFM Weekly, December 2014 Executive chairman of Linear Investments, Jerry Lees, explains to HFMWeek the impact of Basle III…

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How to start a hedge fund in Europe

Jerry Lees - Published in HFM June 2014 Linear brings together the skills and expertise that hedge funds need, within an integrated platform solution.  This…

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Get a Linear Perspective

With risk-averse banks unwilling to support anyone but the larger funds, Linear Investments has become a lifeline for smaller, start-up clients. SAFI THIND meets the…

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Challenges and Opportunities for Capital hungry hedge funds

The challenges facing emerging hedge fund managers are well-documented. The sheer volume of regulation following the financial crisis has had a significant impact on the…

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Capital Hungry Hedge Funds

Post-financial crash challenges and opportunities JERRY LEES, EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, LINEAR INVESTMENTS First published 07 Jul 2015 The challenges facing emerging hedge fund managers are well-documented.…

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AIFMD and why firms should look to Malta

Overview of AIFMD Implementation of the European Union’s (EU) Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is well in train. The Directive imposes a number of…

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