Outsourcing your infrastructure, middle and back office functions alongside your trading enables you to demonstrate you are aware of regulation and risk management, and allows you to demonstrate you have taken appropriate steps to harness outside expertise to the benefit of your business.

Using high integrity external systems should carry significant weight in your outsourcing strategy. With increasing regulatory burdens, outsourcing is essential in saving you both time and money on your administration and compliance costs. Cost reduction is key to your business and should be part of your long-term strategy at a time when management and performance fees are under pressure and scrutenised

What we offer

Latest Dealing Technologies

Linear use the latest dealing technologies, along with improved process control, to enhance the overall client service.


Our flexible, agency dealing service is able to provide on-going consultation and real-time transparency as we execute, if required, without the staffing and infrastructure costs of an in-house desk.


Each member of our team has many years of market experience with a wide network of professional contacts. All are highly skilled with excellent reputations in their fields.

Best Execution

Trades are executed efficiently, through our professional, dynamic dealing desk – adding value from the ‘coal-face’ of the investment process. Linear can provide a level of service at least equal to that expected from an in-house desk. We seek best execution always, trading on an agency basis with no proprietary positions.

Professional Team

Our professional dealing team will utilise their skills, integrity, technology and know-how to cleanly and anonymously execute your business, your way – adding value between the market place and investor.

Peace of Mind

PM’s will be able to go about their day to day business of implementing their investment strategy knowing that their dealing instructions are in safe hands while at the same time offering a cost-effective solution for both execution, settlement and clearing requirements.

Linear is the first choice and a market leading outsourcing partner. Partnering with Linear allows us to focus on our area of expertise and you on yours: building a successful and profitable business.

Outsourcing allows you to protect against market and regulatory change, and underpins several strategic imperatives, allowing you to stay abreast of requirements in an ever-changing market.

Linear’s systems and services are our core business, and our technological capability and continued investment ensures compliant business transactions at all times.

We are here to develop a close working relationship with you and your business, allowing us to align and integrate business models, systems and processes.