Execution / Prime Brokerage / Custody

A full hedge fund platform

A full hedge fund platform

Start-up hedge funds face significant infrastructure costs

Expensive to set up with established suppliers

Regulatory requirements (MIFID, AIFMD) raise cost barriers & operational overheads

Regulatory reporting needs expert staff

Linear provides its clients with a range of prime services including cash and synthetic (CFD’S, Swaps) prime, repo financing, stock loan/lending, clearing & settlement and custody services. Linear can offer both an omnibus or segregated account structure.

Let Linear help you reach your potential

Global PB’s are not interested in start-up/smaller funds

  • Emerging funds fees don’t cover Global PB costs
  • Linear consolidates and groups the business
  • The consolidated business works for Global PB’s.
  • The Linear solution groups – PB, service and market access

Access to Global Markets

  • Linear enables multi market/multi product global access
  • Full Prime Brokerage – SWAP/Financing/Stock loan/Execution
  • Security – everything is fully hedged to Global PB’s
  • Full access to trading and execution infrastructure

Operational support to your business

  • Legal, Administration. IT, Web Site, Marketing and Regulatory advice

Linear are interested in your business

  • No minimums
  • High service boutique – PB to emerging hedge funds
  • Bundled product – platform approach but flexible
  • Linear work on collaboration and fixed costs

Linear gets around issues of price and cost

  • Quality service – competitive pricing

Linear protects your business

Linear provides its clients to Global Multi Asset Execution Services through both low touch (DMA, SOR & Algorithmic trading) and High touch (Manual, Phone and desk orders) solutions. Linear is certified through its FIX connectivity hub with most leading OMS providers and Tier 1 Banks/Brokers.

  • Client orders are evaluated to ensure they are in line with current policies, procedures and compliance
  • We consolidate client’s orders to get the best result, and place them in the marketplace on your behalf
  • We ensure you maintain the correct legal and compliance standards
  • We protect you from damage in the marketplace, preventing you from unknowingly breaching trading regulations