Linear Talk – Episode 13 – Eurekahedge, Post-Brexit Financial Markets, and Independent Research

This episode of Linear Talk features some fascinating insights on how hedge funds have changed, the challenges now facing emerging funds, as well as the different financial landscapes possible post-Article 50.

Jerry Lees, Chairman of Linear, starts the show discussing independent research and its use now in a managed account at Libra Investment Services, with company Director, Will Chawner. Colin Lloyd, author of macroeconomic investment letter service ‘In the Long Run’, looks at the post-Brexit landscape and potential options facing the UK’s financial sector with Daniel Tunkel, Head of Financial Regulation at Howard Kennedy LLP. Before the usual roundup on recent industry performance from Colin, Jerry discusses how the industry has changed with Alex Mearns, CEO of Eurekahedge, who provides insight from the nearly 22,000 alternative funds currently a part of the world leading hedge fund database.

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