The benefits of outsourcing in a hybrid work environment

Covid-19 disrupted workplaces worldwide. For many organisations, remote work had been a possibility or an occasional option. However, this all changed and became the only viable option when the pandemic hit. For millions of people globally, daily commutes became a short walk to their kitchen table or newly established home office.

Yet despite many fears that working from home hindered productivity, for the most part, remote working has been successful for companies. To embrace this style of working, some companies closed their city based offices, or downsized entirely, offering employees a choice of either fully working from home or occasionally coming into the office depending on projects and work commitments. This new way of working has ushered in a new normal: the hybrid workplace and outsourcing business models.

So what is a hybrid workplace and the benefits of working in this new format?

This new business model is a combination of both office work and remote work. Whilst this work format can look different for many organisations, this new set-up is advantageous for several reasons. Firstly, it increases the freedom and autonomy for employees to work from everywhere and anywhere, within reason. This has been particularly crucial during times of isolation and lockdowns.

Secondly, due to Covid-19 accelerating the path to a hybrid workplace, clients and suppliers are more trusting of remote work. Companies have spent a great part of 2020 trying and testing to get the culture of working in this new format right, and have now settled into this new normal and established understanding with clients as to how to move forward.

Thirdly, a hybrid workplace is a business model that can enable firms to create savings when it comes to operational costs. For instance, businesses can save on office rent and bills. At the same time, firms may no longer need to hire staff for full time positions and can consider more flexible working hours. This can strengthen the productivity and efficiency of a business as firms are able to work with experts in different subject matters.

At Linear Investments, our core services are outsourced products, including our Prime Brokerage and DFM services. We are subject matter experts in these areas and we are able to pass our expertise in these fields on to our clients. This is beneficial for a number of reasons as we are able to free up their time and energies to focus on other parts of their businesses as well as the associated cost savings that can come from an outsourced business model. At the same time, we have fully embraced a hybrid working model ourselves. We have changed our London office location and our team works both remotely and in office depending on work commitments and projects. We feel confident in our capacity to service our clients in this new work environment. Working remotely whilst offering our clients outsourced solutions has enabled us to have an improved relationship with our clients as we ensure to maintain ongoing communication regarding their financial goals and needs.

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