Linear provide access to most global equity markets and all key financial instruments: Equities, ETF’s Fixed Income, Futures, Options and all the structures needed to support these instruments – SWAPS/PB/Stock Loan and derivative instruments.

Foreign Exchange

Linear Investments offers institutional access to the world’s largest foreign exchange and derivative markets.

  • FX Prime Brokerage
  • Pure STP/ ECN
  • FX hedging to multi asset products
  • Multi asset cross collateralisation
  • Cash Margin Accounts
  • Deliverable FX

Whether you wish to speculate or hedge currency risk against an underlying product, Linear Prime FX offers aggregated Tier 1 liquidity, Prime brokerage services and front to back technology solutions for your FX needs.

  • Prime broker access into Barclays
  • FIX connection into your own platform or access via Integral OSX
  • White label platforms
  • 100% Pure STP/ECN
  • No propriety risk
  • Cross margin for multiple products
  • Instant hedge capability for currency risk derived from trading products in alternative currencies
  • Auto Rolls to allow constant hedge
  • 24-hour Dealing Desk support
  • Real time reporting and position monitoring

Futures and Options

Linear Investments provides access to a full range of exchange listed futures and options,  providing our clients with the ability to hedge or speculate on price movements across equities, indices, commodities and futures on options.

Linear provides its clients low cost-effective solutions via our tier one providers.

Execution services are available through both low touch (DMA, SOR and Algorithmic Trading) and high touch, through our 24/6 in house trading desk.

Prime Brokerage & Agency Execution Capabilities
Market Coverage: Futures & Options


Linear provides clients with electronic trading access across 50 or more global equity markets via our Tier 1 broker network. We can offer this on a low touch basis via DMA, SOR & Algo’s using any of the major 3rd party trading platform’s or using a FIX API. We also offer a high touch service through our 24/6 in house trading desk where you can send orders using Bloomberg chat, symphony chat, email or phone.


Contract for difference (CFDs) are derivatives products that allow you to trade on live market price movements without actually owning the underlying instrument on which your contract is based.


An ETF is a stock or security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of financial instruments or asset.

Unlike other brokers, Linear can provide best execution on our clients ETF trades by sourcing the best price from multiple market makers. We are not tied to one trading source.

Linear are able to source most competitive quote through our real time transparent execution process, ensuring we provide the best solution for our clients on every trade.

Fixed Income

Linear’s Fixed Income desk comes with a wealth of experience with all four main partners having 20 years + of experience from some of the main tier 1 banks.

The team, now 12 strong, have spent the past 5 years with Linear building a platform that has the ability to execute fixed income business in multi-currency securities on behalf of in house hedge funds from AAA supra nationals through to high yield, distressed credits, emerging market sovereign and corporates, structured products as well as convertible bonds.

The desk is winning business where the tier 1 banks are failing to provide liquidity with their shrinking balance sheets and inability to provide execution.

Trading No: +44 203 897 3402

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