Why is the Prime Broker market still a vital part of Linear’s overall business model?

Hugo Peterson, Head of Account Management at Linear Investments, follows his recent interview by sharing Linear’s view on the Prime Broker market and why this is still a vital part of Linear’s overall business model

As with all financial business models, the prime brokerage market continues to evolve. Linear, a leader in the mini prime broker market, is no different. Our services are designed to appeal to smaller clients who do not have and are not able to gain direct access to a Tier One provider. Competition, as with all other areas of Linear’s business, is strong and recently some of Linear’s peers have chosen to close their prime broker services to focus their attentions elsewhere. Linear Investments has no intention to follow suit and we see the movement in the market as an excellent opportunity to strengthen our offering.

Aite Group recently carried out a survey asking respondents what they considered most important when appointing a custodian. 54% of these respondents cited quality of service being paramount in their decision making. This figure is reportedly up from 36.2% in 2019, and Linear takes such information extremely seriously. Linear’s focus is on understanding our clients business. This means we are able to provide a more personal service and can be responsive and deal with client communications in a time sensitive manner. We understand the importance of the service we provide to our clients and are confident as we welcome more clients in to the Linear fold that we can perform to a high standard.

While Linear views quality of service as important for our prime brokerage business, there are also areas of our offering that we see as a prerequisite in order to attract and keep clients. Reporting, technology and operations are paramount to our incumbent services and our clients expectation are always high. We understand to just compete in the prime broker market some factors of service are a given.

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