Working from home strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hugo Peterson, Head of Account Management at Linear Investments, recently chatted to James Churchman, Head of Sales at Linear Investments about their working from home strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Linear Investments is, and always has been, a forward thinking business. Thanks to an innovative and intelligent management team, Linear has been in possession of a robust Business Continuity Plan for a number of years. When it became apparent, that at least in the short term, Linear couldn’t continue to operate in a traditional set up the switch was flicked and Linear Investments began to operate remotely.

James asked Hugo how day-to-day business was flowing in the Account Management team: “Our Mutual Funds Platform covers the majority of our client’s needs” says Hugo. “Business comes in to our central platform and client access and information flows have not been interrupted by our moving Linear Investments to a remote business for the time being”

How about our downstream providers? “Well,” Hugo says, “For the first couple of days I think the whole industry needed time to settle in to what people are calling ‘the new normal’. Any bugs seem to have been ironed out and everyone Linear deals with is now up to speed.”

“Linear is a more streamlined business than some of its market competitors” James commented. “This has allowed us to be more nimble in our approach to client needs. We are seeing an increase in enquiries and business around portfolio finance and LTV’s to release cash against assets. We can cover these client requests and work to provide the best possible outcome for each client. Linear has seen as increase in new clients over the last few weeks which is a reflection of our ability to assist individuals and businesses in uncertain times.”

Linear’s tips for working from home

  • Communication is king. Talk to your work colleague. Face time is useful and maintains a sense of team spirit.
  • Eat well, exercise and look after yourself!

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