Working towards a more ‘human centric’ strategy

Fundamentally, regardless of the sector, your business is in or the size of the company you work for, businesses are run by people. Employees, clients, suppliers and partners are one co-dependent community, and we rely on each other to carry us through the good times and bad. People are the eco-system that enable businesses to prosper and thrive as well as navigate more challenging times.

2020 has been nothing short of a challenging so far. In 2008, the world was subject to a financial crisis. In 2020, the world is facing a human, health and economic crisis. The collective wellbeing of our society has been the priority and businesses have strived to ensure the safety of its employees and clients in order to fight against the same invisible enemy.

Mark Carney recently published in the Economist that the economy must now yield to human values more than ever before. If we have learned anything from these challenging times, it is that businesses must embrace a human-centric strategy.

At Linear Investments, we believe there are three pillars to a human strategy:

First – it is important to take care of employees. Attention to wellbeing and safety of staff is essential and will be pivotal for companies moving forward. Whilst we have adjusted to the rhythms of working from home, we will be continuing to explore new ways of working and how to ensure our employees can thrive and feel motivated. In an age of isolation, connection has never been more important which is why we have introduced our weekly online companywide get together.

Secondly, a human centric strategy needs to care for clients. Whilst digital transformation was formerly a mid to long term strategy for companies, this is no longer the case. As a business, overcoming the challenges of Covid-19 has forced us to adapt. Hugo Peterson, Head of Account Management recently explained how we have adjusted from working from home at Linear, and how we are continuing to best serve our clients. We know that during difficult times our clients need our guidance and support and it is important that we can be there for them. Technology has been a great tool to help us do this, and to do it effectively.

Finally, our third strategy is prioritising the wellbeing of the organisation and the very ecosystem that keeps it alive. These are our partners and suppliers. Establishing key partnerships has been  crucial to enriching our offering, whilst also supporting other people in their business ventures. Working collaboratively with other organisations gives us the opportunity to refocus and future proof our efforts.

This crisis has asked us to prioritise human wellbeing.  Linear Investments aims to continue our commitment to this strategy so employees, clients and partners can all thrive.